ProjectForge 6.15.0 released

Release Notes

New Features:

  • Add sorting of visitorbook list by arrive and depart fields
  • Add transfer export of incomming invoices in pain.001-003-03 format
  • Add forecast for order book


  • Security
    • Add Content Security Policy, can be configured in
    • Add X-Content-Type-Options, X-XSS-Protection, X-Frame-Options, X-XSS-Protection headers
    • Add XSS protection to multiple fields
    • Activate secure cookie flag for JSESSIONID and stayLogin cookie
    • Fix javascript injection in message of the day
  • Extend yearly vacation cron job, does now respect accepted vacation in new year
  • Invoice generation
    • Update provided template
    • Add new field attachments, this field is also exported
    • Fuse customer reference 1 and 2 in one field customer reference
    • Improve workflow, invoice number is no longer generated for invoices in state intended
  • Status in order book list page is now localized
  • Calendar
    • No more notification mails in case of minor changes, such as reminder
    • Improved handling of ics files
      • ProjectForge does no longer take ownership of events added by ics files
        • Such events are not editable in most calendar tools
        • PF does not send mails for these events
      • Adding an ics files that contains update information for an exisiting event, updates the exisiting event instead of creating an additional one
      • Attendees of an event are now added to ics files created by PF
      • Attendee and owner information are now extrected from ics files
      • A correct ics file (METHOD:CANCEL) is now send when canceling an event
    • Tool support
      • Creating an event and updating it right after does no longer results in two events
      • Fix a bug in timestamp handling that prevents updating an event
      • Thunderbird Lightning
        • Adding events is now possible
        • ExDates of recurring events are now displayed correctly


  • Export of cost assignments in outgoing invoices does no longer ignore the selected periods
  • Search filter of visitorbook is now working again
  • Forcast in Liquidity does no longer ignore the selected time period
  • Fix bug in anonymization of entries in timesheet list page
  • Fix linkage of documantation
  • Fix broken unique constraint for t_fibu_employee_user_id_key table

You can download the binaries from Sourceforge and also from Github.

by Stefan Niemczyk

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