ProjectForge 6.0.0 released

Before we implement new features (which we plan for Q3), the ProjectForge-Team wants to make a technical release at the end of Q2 2016.

For a new major release we are currently working on the internals of ProjectForge.

  • Update from Hibernate 3 to Hibernate 5
  • Update Hibernate Search
  • Using Micromata Genome Commons for JPA
    • Transaction handling
    • Hibernate Search adapter
    • JPA Metadata
  • Using JPA-Stack for new features
  • Upgrade to Spring 4.2.3 and Spring Boot
    • Using Spring Annotations
  • Many other libraries are updated.
  • Plugins
    • Plugins are now in separate projects and can be loaded dynamically
    • Plugin-API revised to allow discovering Plugins dynamically.
    • Administration mask to activate / deactivate Plugins.
  • Refactoring and Cleanups
    • Reduce internal cyclic dependencies
    • Cleanup Maven structure
  • Configuration
    • Configuration framework with properties files
  • Lean application
    • ProjectForge runs as standalone application.
    • Using Spring Boot as application framework with Jetty
  • More flexible Schema for entities
    • To enable extensions to entities, we implemented attributes and time able attributes, which can be attached to an entity, like Employee or Address.
    • The attributes schema for an entity can be declared in a xml file, so each installation of ProjectForge can extend the entities with own data.
    • For edit pages a generic control renders input fields for the attributes
    • time able attributes can be used to declare entity values for a given time range. For example the employee may get a raise of the salary on a given date. With time able attributes the salary for now and the future can be stored.

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