ProjectForge 3.6.0 released

Plugins, ToDo's and wizards.

An interesting and hard work, but now we're proud to present the new major release 3.6.0!

  1. You can now extend ProjectForge by your own plugins! The goal: write your own plugins in hours! See ToDo and Memo as example plugins and the DeveloperGuide for further details.
  2. Organize your personal and team issues and to-do's with the new ToDo-Plugin.
  3. New wizards help you to set-up and administrate ProjectForge more convenient and efficient.
  4. A completely new and much more flexible e-mail-template engine is implemented.

The current browser versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome should work fine (tested under Windows and Mac). The IE doesn't work (again), we're working on that.

by Kai Reinhard

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