ProjectForge 3.5.0 released

A long and hard work, but now we're proud to present the new major release 3.5.0!

  1. A completely new design.
  2. Customizable menu entries for every user (via drag&drop).
  3. The usage of Embats fonts instead of icons (Embats is an embedded font such as Wingdings, Zapfdingbats etc. enabled for web pages).
  4. A mobile version of ProjectForge was started: Currently you can use the address book mobile, the time-sheet booking will follow be available mobile with the next release 3.5.1.
  5. The migration of jsp is now completed (no more jsp). We're much more faster with much more re-usability with this technology (based on Apache-Wicket). This was important for further mobile development.

The current browser versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome should work fine (tested under Windows and Mac). The IE doesn't work (again), we're working on that.

by Kai Reinhard

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