Stay tuned!

Stay tuned!

2017/05/24 ProjectForge 6.12.0 released

Changelog for Release 6.12.0:

  • Filter options for order book and controlling funtionality
  • Many, many bug fixes

You can download the binaries from Sourceforge and also from Github.

2017/05/04 ProjectForge 6.11.0 released

Changelog for Release 6.11.0:

  • Extend order book and controlling funtionality
  • Extend outgoing and incoming invoices (search, autocomplete)
  • Calendar attendees in calender view incl. status
  • Min. length user passwords
  • Spring boot lift to 1.5.3
  • Multiple bug fixes

You can download the binaries from Sourceforge and also from Github.

2017/03/24 ProjectForge 6.9.0 released

Changelog for Release 6.9.0:

  • Multiple substitutions in application for leave
  • Changes in calendar rest, uuid fixes
  • Extend event email layout
  • A lot of bug fixes

You can download the binaries from Sourceforge and also from Github.

2017/02/24 ProjectForge 6.8.1 released

Changelog for Release 6.8.1:

  • New features in application for leave
  • Changes in FinancialFairPlay plugin
  • A lot of bug fixes

You can download the binaries from Sourceforge. The sourcecode and binaries are available on Github.

2017/01/11 ProjectForge 6.7.0 released

Happy new Year 2017 and a new Release of ProjectForge 6.7.0 .


  • Extend order book
  • Change cron jobs from quartz to spring schedule
  • Some bugfixes

You can download the binaries from Sourceforge. The sourcecode and binaries are available on Github.

2016/12/21 ProjectForge 6.6.1 released

Release of ProjectForge 6.6.1 . Changelog:

  • Add application for leave functionality
  • Extend order book
  • Extend Rest interfaces
  • Add visitorbook
  • Redesign team event invitation e-mail
  • Some major bugfixes

The sourcecode and binaries are available on Github. Additional you can download the binaries from Sourceforge.

With all Good Wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

2016/11/21 ProjectForge 6.5.1 released

Release of ProjectForge 6.5.1 . Changelog:

  • Extend EED-Plugin for import salary data
  • Fix several bugs
    • Migrating data from previous versions
    • Using pf launcher with HSQLDB
    • Clone team events
    • Creating history entries

You can download the binaries from Sourceforge and the sourcecode is pushed to Github.

2016/10/17 ProjectForge 6.4.1 released

ProjectForge 6.4.1 is released. Changelog:

  • You can now add multiple employee statuses, each with an own date.
  • The launcher is now working again.
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possbile to install ProjectForge as productive system (not test system).
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to import ICS files.
  • Fixed change history was not created correctly on every page.
  • Fixed a bug at the event creation page concerning daylight saving time.

As always you can download the binaries from Sourceforge and the sourcecode from Github.

2016/09/16 ProjectForge 6.3.0 released

ProjectForge in version 6.3.0 is released. New features and bug fixes:

  • Add attendees to teamevents
  • Updated the ExtendedEmployeeDataPlugin
  • Restructured HR-rights
  • Fixed logging
  • Some bug fixes

The binaries are uploaded to Sourceforge. You can download the sourcecode from Github.

2016/08/16 ProjectForge 6.2.0 released

ProjectForge in version 6.2.0 is released. New features and bug fixes:

  • Add ExtendedEmployeeData PlugIn
  • Fix StalePageException Handling
  • Add Multi-Tab for Attr Schema
  • Some other minor bug fixes

The sources are pushed to Github. You can download the executables from Sourceforge.

2016/07/27 ProjectForge 6.1.1 released

ProjectForge in version 6.1.1 is released. This is a bugfix release:

  • The launcher is now working again and available to download
  • Fixed holidays shift by one day depending on the selected timezone
  • Changed datepicker in timed attribute panel to use local time
  • Some other minor bug fixes

You can download the executables from Sourceforge. The sources are pushed to Github.

2016/07/18 ProjectForge 6.1 released

ProjectForge in version 6.1 is released. A few features were added:

  • Support for customized attributes
  • Extended employee data
  • Some bug fixes
  • Some technical refactorings

You can download the executables from Sourceforge. The sources are pushed to Github.
At the moment the PF Launcher has problems with property handling. We will ship the launcher jar in a few days.

2016/05/06 ProjectForge 6.0 released

The new version of ProjectForge is released. You can download the executables from Sourceforge and the sources are pushed to Github.

2016/01/21 We are busy with ProjectForge 6.0

Before we implement new features (which we plan for Q3), the ProjectForge-Team wants to make a technical release at the end of Q2 2016.

For a new major release we are currently working on the internals of ProjectForge.

  • Update from Hibernate 3 to Hibernate 5
  • Update Hibernate Search
  • Using Micromata Genome Commons for JPA
    • Transaction handling
    • Hibernate Search adapter
    • JPA Metadata
  • Using JPA-Stack for new features
  • Upgrade to Spring 4.2.3 and Spring Boot
    • Using Spring Annotations
  • Many other libraries are updated.

  • Plugins
    • Plugins are now in separate projects and can be loaded dynamically
    • Plugin-API revised to allow discovering Plugins dynamically.
    • Administration mask to activate / deactivate Plugins.

  • Refactoring and Cleanups
    • Reduce internal cyclic dependencies
    • Cleanup Maven structure

  • Configuration
    • Configuration framework with properties files

  • Lean application
    • ProjectForge runs as standalone application.
    • Using Spring Boot as application framework with Jetty
  • More flexible Schema for entities
    • To enable extensions to entities, we implemented attributes and time able attributes, which can be attached to an entity, like Employee or Address.
    • The attributes schema for an entity can be declared in a xml file, so each installation of ProjectForge can extend the entities with own data.
    • For edit pages a generic control renders input fields for the attributes
    • time able attributes can be used to declare entity values for a given time range. For example the employee may get a raise of the salary on a given date. With time able attributes the salary for now and the future can be stored.

2014/05/16 Release 5.4

  1. New versions of front-end technologies (Bootstrap 3 and jquery.mobile).
  2. The scripting engine now supports the export of zip files.
  3. Minor bugs were fixed.

2013/12/30 Security release 5.3

A security review was done by a team of Micromata, Germany. Many thanks to Sergej Michel and Peter Baus (great job)!

  1. Security release: Please update as soon as is practicable! Some vulnerabilities were discovered (a logged-in-user is always required):
  2. Security: Cross-Site-Request-Forgery (CSRF): an attacker may send manipulated html-pages to a logged-in-user.
  3. Security: XSS of JSON-Strings in autocompletion form: an attacker must be a logged-in-user for manipulating autocompletion strings in the data-base.
  4. Security: Salt and pepper for passwords: an attacker with access to a data-base dump or SHA256 hashed passwords of ProjectForge user's may compromise weak passwords by brute-force attacks or with a rainbow-tables.
  5. Security: Improved mechanism for avoiding brute-force-attacks on user/password combinations (by username as well as by IP), rest-calls are now included.
  6. Improved LDAP-support (for ProjectForge as LDAP-master).
  7. Some minor bugfixes and features are included, as well.

2013/07/07 Release 5.2

  1. English version of the user's guide.
  2. Rest-API implemented for remote access.
  3. Bread crumbs implemented.
  4. Fix: Calendar: resize of events / time sheets works again.
  5. Tasks renamed in 'structure elements'.
  6. Import of ics file with multiple entries.
  7. Scripting supports now storage of files (e. g. Excel templates for modification).
  8. New script editor with syntax highlighting and line numbers for scripts.
  9. Export and subscription of external calendars.
  10. Excel export of order book.
  11. Clone of address book entries.
  12. Sort of two columns is now supported by all list views.
  13. Some bug fixes and further improvements.

2013/05/14 Release 5.1

  1. Team calendar supports now subscription of external calendars (e. g. for importing Google and Apple iCloud calendars).
  2. Search for tasks with auto completion in forms.
  3. Some bug fixes and further improvements.

2013/04/12 New major release 5.0

We're very proud to announce the next major release with the best browser support ever!

  1. The new module Team calendar is started and published. Share your calendars on all your devices and with your teams.
  2. The source code is now available on GitHub. Developers are welcome!
  3. This release has the best browser support ever (should work now with almost all new browsers (Firefox, Chrome, MS Explorer, Opera, Safari and mobile browsers).
  4. Contains further improvements and bug fixes not only relating layout issues.

2013/03/14 ProjectForge at GitHub

The source code repository is organized by Git now and available on GitHub. It's now much easier for developers to do further developments on ProjectForge and apply improvements and bug fixes. Developersarewelcome

2013/02/06 Release 4.3.1

  1. Responsive mode for mobile devices improved.
  2. History entries with cool diff view.
  3. Uses now font icons instead of images.
  4. Some bug fixes.

2013/01/26 Release 4.3

  1. Layout improvements, works now much better with mobile devices (iOS and Android) as well as with IE. The layout is now bootstrap based with responsive design.
  2. New full text search bar for faster access and search.
  3. Wicket 6 migration completed.

2012/12/04 Release 4.2

  1. LDAP-support (as client and as master!)
  2. Improvements for time sheet booking (calendar and locations).
  3. New fancy ui element for selecting multiple entries (user, groups etc.).
  4. v-card export of single address.
  5. PhoneLookupServlet: Lookup addresses of ProjectForge for telephony systems for incoming calls.
  6. Administration of all companies Software licenses with ProjectForge.
  7. Further improvements and fixes.

2012/06/16 Release 4.1.3

This release adds bugfixes, including a major one related to timesheet booking.

2012/05/03 New calendar, release 4.1.0

We present a complete new implementation of ProjectForge's calendar with drag&drop functionality and week/day view!

  1. New calendar implementation
  2. Tested now with Internet Explorer.
  3. Layout improvements and some bug fixes.

2012/04/18 Release 4.0.0

We proudly present, our release 4.0.0:

  1. Complete new layout including refactored GUI source code!
  2. Customizable menu trees for every user for more efficient daily work..
  3. New plugin: adress campains for administration of addresses for campains such as mailings etc.
  4. Developer's quickstart: Java-Main for starting ProjectForge from command line or directly in Eclipse.

2012/03/18 Quickstart for Developers (ready to run with embedded Jetty) now available!

ProjectForge 4.0 has now a built-in Jetty web-server for a Quickstart: Checkout, build and run with a few command line commands or directly out of Eclipse as a java main application!

2012/02/02 New Layout by Oisin Lavery of Tricycle Interactive

After having hard times with the current html layout we've decided to use a new one: Adminica from Themeforest. Thanks to Oisin Lavery of Tricycle Interactive as a new contributor of ProjectForge.
We expect to present a completely renewed layout as a Beta release during the next weeks. After a short test phase of 1-2 weeks within a productive ProjectForge environment with 100 active users we will publish release 3.7 soon. This release contains a full refactoring of all pages including the layout code.

2011/05/27 New release 3.6.1

Here it is, our newest release including:

  1. Documentation of Asterisk connection (for direct phone calls and messaging out of ProjectForge).
  2. Support of PostgreSQL also in standalone version.
  3. Improved usability in to-do-plugin.
  4. Accessibility of favorites and templates improved.
  5. Portlet-mode added for using ProjectForge in an iframe or portal.
  6. Usability of large task trees improved by supporting search strings.

2011/03/18 Again a milestone: our new major release 3.6.0: Plugins, ToDo's and wizards.

An interesting and hard work, but now we're proud to present the new major release 3.6.0!

  1. You can now extend ProjectForge by your own plugins! The goal: write your own plugins in hours! See ToDo and Memo as example plugins and the DeveloperGuide for further details.
  2. Organize your personal and team issues and to-do's with the new ToDo-Plugin.
  3. New wizards help you to set-up and administrate ProjectForge more convenient and efficient.
  4. A completely new and much more flexible e-mail-template engine is implemented.

The current browser versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome should work fine (tested under Windows and Mac). The IE doesn't work (again), we're working on that.
Download 3.6.0

2011/02/27 CI: the 250th automatically test case (continuous integration)

The high quality and reliability of ProjectForge base on a lot of automatically test cases. So it's assured that every user can only see and use those data for which he has all the required rights and roles for. The tests assure beside the professional software architecture a high value of data integrity. The tests are running daily, they're part of a CI-system (continuous integration).
Learn more: Technologies.

2011/02/24 New release 3.5.4

We like to present the new release containing:

  1. Date/time formats and time notation are now configurable by each user.
  2. User edit page and my account page are re-designed.
  3. Some minor bugs were fixed and minor improvements made.

Download 3.5.4

2011/02/14 New release 3.5.3

We're proud to present the new release containing:

  1. The documentation was re-organized and is now much more usable.
  2. An XSS vulnerability usable by logged-in users was fixed.
  3. Some bugs were fixed.

Download 3.5.3

2011/02/03 New release 3.5.2

We're proud to present the new release containing:

  1. A new auto-update-mechanism for convenient updates from any previous version.
  2. Browser interoperability is improved again.
  3. Some bugs were fixed.
  4. And more technical: Maven 3 is supported.

2011/02/01 SourceForge available after attack

The downloads of the new release are now available on SourceForge. SourceForge was under attack, therefore some services were deactivated for approx. one week.

2011/01/26 Recommended bug-fix-release 3.5.1

It's recommended to update from version 3.5.0. Some major bugs were fixed.

2011/01/23 We proudly present our new major release 3.5.0

A long and hard work, but now we're proud to present the new major release 3.5.0!

  1. A completely new design.
  2. Customizable menu entries for every user (via drag&drop).
  3. The usage of Embats fonts instead of icons (Embats is an embedded font such as Wingdings, Zapfdingbats etc. enabled for web pages).
  4. A mobile version of ProjectForge was started: Currently you can use the address book mobile, the time-sheet booking will follow be available mobile with the next release 3.5.1.
  5. The migration of jsp is now completed (no more jsp). We're much more faster with much more re-usability with this technology (based on Apache-Wicket). This was important for further mobile development.

The current browser versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome should work fine (tested under Windows and Mac). The IE doesn't work (again), we're working on that.

2010/12/14 New help forum available

If you've any questions on installation, usage or whatever, don't hesitate to use our new help forum on SourceForge. We thank you also for any feedback, new ideas etc.

2010/12/10 Welcome Italy, you're are the top downloaders of the week (from www.pmi.it)

We're glad to welcome a lot of new Italian downloaders. www.pmi.it lists ProjectForge as a project management software for downloading. PMI is the World's Leading Professional Association for Project Management.
It's very easy to enable the Italian language in ProjectForge. You'll only need to edit one translation file containing all texts used by ProjectForge and send this translation file to k.reinhard at me.com. You'll find the translation file here.

2010/11/17 Release 3.4.3

First version of the re-design (Internet Explorer since 6.0 is now supported). There is also a first version of an interactive tutorial available (document called ProjectForge). You can explore ProjectForge step by step interactively through the tutorial (with the so called action-links).

2010/11/08 ProjectForge now available as innovative ready-to-run-version

Today ProjectForge is launched as an innovative ready-to-run-version for MacOS X (dmg/app), Windows (exe) and all Java capable platforms (executable jar). You don't need any further installation or set-up of a data-base or web-server!

ProjectForge contains everything pre-configured for you (data-base and web-server). So every user is now able to run ProjectForge by a simple click!

The mission: download, double-click and start your team work with ProjectForge. You can scale ProjectForge every time you want and ProjectForge migrates your data later (e. g. for a more professional data-base or web-server-environment).

ProjectForge does simply grow with your business!

10/20/2010 ProjectForge is now available on SourceForge

SourceForge provides a rich infrastructure containing a SVN, mailing lists, download area and a lot more.

10/04/2010 Version 3.4.1 released:

  1. User individual, world-wide time zone support
  2. Improved installation and convenient set-up dialogue.
  3. All menu entries are configurable (visibility).
  4. First version of the ProjectForge documentation with best practises.
  5. and a lot more: ChangeLog 3.4.1 (JIRA)


09/12/2010 The maker of ProjectForge speaks at the JavaOne 2010 in San Francisco

Meet the maker of ProjectForge, Kai Reinhard, at the JavaOne 2010. He presents the OpenSource library JAK (Java for KML):

TitleJava API for Keyhole Markup Language
TrackDesktop Java
Time08:00 - 09:00
VenueParc 55
RoomPowell I / II
Cell phone Kai+49 xxx (for texting)

Feel free to contact Kai for discussions or further information: Developers and users are welcome!

09/10/2010 Release of brand new version 3.4: Gantt charting

  1. Including PDF and MS-Project export.
  2. Keep your project always on track.

08/27/2010 Preview of version 3.4: Gantt charting

  1. Version 3.4.0 should be out next week, please visit the demo system for the great new feature: Gantt chart
  2. Improve your project management and be more transparent for your customers with Gantt charts.
  3. A resource planning extension is already planned. So you'll get a company wide overview of your project time schedules and resources. This enterprise feature will be available in the community edition!

07/14/2010 Mobile Enterprise blogging

  1. Mobile-enterprise-blogging for mobile, busy and important people
  • Extremely efficient: simply send an SMS to ProjectForge.
  • All SMS will be put in the user's inbox.
  • User scenarios: in the elevator, when travelling by train or airplane or in a meeting, simply send an SMS and reports, messages etc. are almost (90%) done!
  • ProjectForge supports the user and manages everything including:
    • Activity reports
    • JiRA-Issues
    • Blog entries
    • E-mails
    • ...
  1. A contract management was added to organize the user's contracts.

Download Version 3.3.47

05/03/2010 English version of www.projectforge.org is available

ProjectForge is completely internationalized. English and German translation files are available. To offer support in the establishment of an international developer and user community, an English version of this website has been launched.

Have lots of fun!

04/30/2010 Improved support of Maven

The development with Maven is improved. Simply try

mvn install

and you will get a complete war file, see Developers are welcome.

04/25/2010 Maven Repository under www.projectforge.org

A Maven repository (Nexus) is now available under www.projectforge.org/nexus/. Keep all your jar files up-to-date by simply running Maven.
Additionally, the source code of the jars is available (however, it depends on the licenses of the jars).
Therefore a developer will dispose of everything necessary for getting a complete build. Type

mvn eclipse:eclipse

and enjoy your work with Eclipse.

04/19/2010 Daring the Gap: www.projectforge.org

Not very beautiful but very useful. Users are welcome.