Please Note

You can start your team work with ProjectForge with the innovative ready-to-run version for your specific platform (Windows, Mac OSX etc.). No installation and configuration is required!


  • Download the latest executables from Sourceforge
  • Java JRE in version 8 or higher is required (Download)

Running with GUI launcher

  • Double click the projectforge-launcher-X.X.X.jar file
  • Click "Start Server"
  • Click "Open Browser"
  • A browser window should open with the setup page of ProjectForge.

Running as command line server (recommend)

  • Run "projectforge-application-X.X.X.jar" from the command line
  • Start a browser with "http://localhost:8080"
  • The browser window should display the setup page of ProjectForge.

Running as war file in a application container

NOTE: Not recommended

  • Because of code changes you have to build the war file on your own
  • Checkout latest source code from Github
  • Change projectforge-application/pom.xml

<packaging> -> Change from jar to war
<dependency> -> spring-boot-starter-tomcat -> scope provided

  • Build the parent pom
  • You get the projectforge war file in projectforge-application/target
  • Copy war file to the application container's deployment folder (eg. Tomcat)
  • Copy projectforge-application/ to /someFolder/To/ApplicationProperties/


  • Start the application container with JAVA_OPTS containing "-Dspring.config.location=/someFolder/To/ApplicationProperties/ -Duser.timezone=UTC"
  • It is necessary that the application container supports servlet 3.0 spec, because there is no web.xml file
  • More informations could be found at

Optional: configure https for webserver if not already done:

Further informationen

For more detailed information visit: AdministrationGuide.