Translation files

ProjectForge is 100% internationalized. Enable new languages by simply editing the translation file.

Currently ProjectForge is available in the languages English and German. For enabling a new language you only need to enter your translations in the translation text file. Please choose one of the existing language files which you will use as a template for your translations. Please leave the i18n key untouched and change the translation right to the '=' character.
This is the format of a translation file:

# <ProjectForge key>=<Translation>
address.addressStatus=Address status
address.addressStatus.leaved=company leaved
menu.accessList=Access management
menu.addNewEntry=New entry
task.assignedUser=Assigned user

The translations are grouped, it's possible to translate only parts of the file. If any entry is missing in the user's language the translation from the default language is used (English).
Use one of the following translation files as template:

Put the translation file to the path: src/main/resources
Please send any translation file to k.reinhard at, so it'll be part of the next distribution.
For any newer version of ProjectForge you'll get a list of new translations not yet available in your language (please refer the system administration menu).