A system grows with its users.

Frequent suggestions for improvement result in a continuous improvement process and fresh impules.

Micromata GmbH has used ProjectForge consistently since 2001 for over 130 employees:

  1. All financial and administrative, controlling and project data are managed by ProjectForge: All employees' activities including activity reports All accounting data (Datev, creditors/debitors) Order management
  2. Reports are done over scripts.
  3. The continous project controlling is supported.
  4. A detailled cost calculation enables access to all important enterprise and project management values: Consumption of budgets HR planning break-even analysis for customers, projects and project releases differentiation on cost types: acquisition, travelling, meetings, development, SLA's, R&D, invoiced/not invoiced
  5. Resources (HR planning) will be done with ProjectForge in the project steering board.
  6. An interface with JiRA supports a consistent work-break-down-structure
  7. Monthly reports of all employees
  8. Export of invoice data (time sheets, activities, work packages) for customer invoices.
  9. ProjectForge is the base of the Micromata's project management.
  10. ProjectForge is flexible, extensible, customizable and scalable.
  11. Integration of the Asterisk telephone system (SMS / messaging, outbound calls)
  12. Vacation management for all employees


  • about 650.000 hours of employee's activity are stored and available with one click.
  • over 140 active users
  • scripts for reports, analysis and project controlling.

ProjectForge is a great success factor. The slogan of the Micromata company is: Success is progammable.

Yatta Solutions, Germany

We are using it at Yatta Solutions as well, and it's great! (Christian Schneider, 2012-02-24)

Comments on SourceForge

  • Very good. A bit tricky to install but with a tomcat knowledge you should be OK. Once installed it gives quick response, pleasing layout, full project hierarchy, very configurable, does Gantt charts, timesheets, calendars, the data entry is smooth and not too tedious. It knows about holidays and weekends. Also supports Asterisk integration for phone book and "click to call". This is the most attractive open source web-based collaborative project system I have seen so far. (Telford Tendys, 2013-05-21)
  • Nice tool with more advanced features. (Diego, 2013-02-20)